Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Give My Creation...Life!

As soon as I posted the last post, I realized that I did have a computer that could run DSL in RAM. Lucy has 1 GB of RAM and a Windows partition. While booting up the CD was very easy, DSL did not recognize the mouse. This was not a huge surprise, since the mouse is a Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. But it wouldn't recognize the keyboard or trackpad, either. I had to shut Lucy down manually, which I don't like doing. But I decided to proceed with the install on Lazarus. I had Lucy in my lap with the DSL wiki up as I put in the CD.

Lo and behold, installation was a breeze! It probably helps that I'm old enough to remember when the command-line interface ruled the earth, therefore I don't fear it like many users do. All peripherals were detected, and I was able to connect to the web without doing anything extra. DSL comes with its own web browser, Dillo, and an old experimental version of Firefox called Bon Echo.

That's all I'm going to put up for now. I'll post details of my experience with DSL in a day or two.

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