Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome to Operation Lazarus!

Thanks for dropping in! My mission in Operation Lazarus is to resurrect an old machine using Linux. Obviously, this blog is where I'm going to talk about it.


Lazarus: An 8-year-old eMachines that used to belong to my in-laws.

Conrad: A Mac mini that will share a monitor, keyboard, mouse and possibly speakers with Lazarus via a KVM switch.

Lucy: A MacBook that I will probably have up for browsing wikis, etc. during operations.

Danielle: Crazy human attempting Operation Lazarus.

Mr. Williams: Crazy enough to still be married to Danielle; primary user of Lazarus when he was new.

Lazarus was the first new computer that Mr. Williams ever had at home, so there is some sentimental attachment. When the in-laws got a new computer about a year and a half ago, they asked if we wanted the old one. Since I like to play with computers the way car hounds like "project cars", I jumped at the chance. Until now, I've lacked either the time or the space to start this project. Now I'm ready to get started. Watch this space for status updates.


chas said...

I'm glad you are doing this... I've been meaning to get-around-to-it (doing a *nix convert) for years, and am interested in your progress.

David Gaither said...

Hi Danielle! I dop lazarus is going well.